Lip art has taken over the internet, and for good reason. It’s mesmerizing to watch artists create tiny works of art on lip canvases, isn’t it? We recruited the queen of the drip lip, Vlada Haggerty — known on as VladaMUA — to create four portrait-worthy pouts, and she did not disappoint. You know Vlada: her photos of gorgeous lips adorned with wet, dripping gloss ranging from shades of metallic to translucent are always popping up on the popular page. In this video, she took us from an animated pop-art lip to a disco-friendly work, then she transitioned into an ethereal purple galaxy and finished with a moody mesh lip. Vlada used a variety of products, from lipstick and lip gloss to paint and even eyelash glue to adhere the sequins onto the lips. Let us know your favorite lip of the bunch, and be sure to check out Vlada’s work on her !

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